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We All Perform On the Same Stage - Improving the Ensemble Skills Of Your Secondary String Players

Description: “We All Perform On the Same Stage” and "Just because you can play it by yourself, doesn't mean that you can play it with the rest of us”. If these phrases apply to you and your students, then this session is for you. Learn ways to improve rhythmic accuracy, intonation, and artistic expression of string players in secondary ensembles. Give your students the skills necessary to participate more fully in the ensemble. Rehearsal techniques, teaching your students how to interpret conducting gestures, use of technology, assessments, and chamber groups will be discussed. Skills are given a hierarchy and related to specific musical elements. These skills are then directly related to the playing skills and technique of an orchestral stringed instrument. Musical examples are used to show how these skills are developed in each rehearsal. Rehearsal techniques are rooted in the concepts of Music Learning Theory with the goal being that each student has an ownership of the musical content and the skills necessary to perform better by design rather than by chance in any type of ensemble setting. Many of these rehearsal techniques can also be adapted for other types of instrumental, as well as, vocal  ensembles. With this session comes a handout containing 30 phrases and analogies that can be used in the rehearsal to help students improve their participation and understanding of what it means to perform in an ensemble.

Innovative Uses of Technology in the Orchestra Rehearsal

Description: Learn how to use technology in your secondary strings rehearsal to improve the playing skills of your string students, increase their focus in rehearsal, as well as making your rehearsals more interesting, effective and efficient. Ways to set up and acquire technology equipment will be discussed. Applications and rehearsal techniques for use of technology in the rehearsal will be shown throughout the session. Three areas of technology will be demonstrated: hardware, software, and the internet. Specific types of hardware include: computers, metronomes, tuners, overhead projector, document camera, as well as other devices. Software to be demonstrated include: freeware metronomes and tuners, PowerPoint, Quicktime, word processing and other regularly available software applications. Several internet sites, especially YouTube, will be demonstrated. If you do not have internet access, or if websites like YouTube are blocked at your school and/or rehearsal room, you will want to attend this session to find out how YouTube videos and other internet resources can be brought in the rehearsal room. Many of the innovative uses of the technology shown, can be used right away in the rehearsal room with minimal expense, and equipment and software that is readily available.


Session topics for Secondary String Teachers

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Conference Presentations and Conducting Festivals

Alabama Music Educators Association  (AMEA) State Conference in Montgomery, AL. Jan. 21, 2016

Missouri Music Educators Association  (MMEA) State Conference in Osage Beach, MO. Jan. 28, 2016

2016 AMEA Ensemble Handout.pdf

2016 MMEA Technology Session Handout.pdf

Presenter at: NAfME Conferences, American String Teachers Assoc. (ASTA) Conferences, Midwest Band and
Orchestra Clinics, Music Educators Associations in:  Texas, Pennsylvania, Alabama, Ohio, Missouri Virginia, Delaware, and New Jersey.

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